Bodywork for Men

Lingam Massage Bali

Lingam Massage is a therapeutic massage that aims to release tension and promote relaxation. It is performed in a safe and respectful environment and can help overcome sexual shame and explore new facets of one’s sexuality. If you’re looking to deepen your connection with yourself, overcome problems such as PE or ED, improve your sexuality, Lingam Massage therapy can be beneficial.

Healing Massage For Men

healing tantric lingam massage therapy

Removing Sexual Shame and Guilt

Lingam Massage Bali offers the following:

- Stress Relief: The therapy helps to deeply relax and calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

- Enhanced Sexual Function: Lingam massage therapy can lead to better sexual function and performance by increasing blood flow to the genitalia.

- Improved Self-Awareness: The therapy can help men become more aware of their body and sexual energy, fostering a deeper connection with oneself.

- Emotional Release: Lingam Massage therapy can lead to an emotional release, providing relief from pent up emotions and past traumas.

Want to Become a Better Lover?

Lingam Massage is an ancient practice provides physical and emotional benefits. It can improve circulation, enhance sexual pleasure, improve sexual performance and release any built-up tension or stress, making men more confident lovers. Lingam Massage can help men understand their own bodies and desires, allowing them to communicate better with their partners and explore new ways of pleasure. Sessions can lead to a more comfortable and confident sexuality, resulting in a more fulfilling sex life.

Every man, regardless of experience or “ability”, has the potential to become a better lover! Sessions can offer clients the following:

  • Tuning into your partner’s sexual needs
  • Opening up honest and powerful conversations in the bedroom
  • How to fully embrace “giving” and “receiving” pleasure 
  • Getting out of your mind and into your body
  • Plenty more
tantra therapy for men


If you want to heal trauma, overcome sexual issues, a more satisfying sex life, and to be a more satisfying lover, get in touch to find out more.

Total Surrender to Pleasure

Resembling the Yoni Massage tailored for females, which employs a variety of methods to alleviate and mend sexual distress, the Lingam Massage is a potent restorative Tantric Massage ritual that entails working through the whole body, including the penis (Lingam translates from Sanskrit as penis or “wand of light”).

Lingam Massage Bali treatments deviate significantly from a standard erotic massage or contented conclusion. It not only focuses on caressing the Lingam but the full-body, perineum, and Sacred Spot if desired/required, ensuring you’re thoroughly at ease and can completely let go. The treatment emphasizes your entitlement to receive and fully yield to delight.